English Good Morning Quotes


Learn a recipe from me –
Take 4 ingredients – wisdom, bravery, selflessness and experience obviously. Just mix up. You will get something. And that is The CALMNESS!!!


If someone is dead. Yes, dead. Only then you can say – he or she has nothing left to achieve..


I prefer a loud ‘Congratulations’ to hear and a silent ‘Thank you Almighty ‘ to say always and everywhere.


I never take an umbrella with me – sky is always above!


A cheater is the most reliable teacher in your life – as I consider. Nobody else but a cheater can only teach you the most valuable and practical lessons in your life as I consider.


Today is the last day of your life – maybe – may not be. But today is the first day of rest of your life –  undoubtedly. Make it immortal. Try at least. 


Try to avoid a lazy person and a busy person too. Both are equally useless for you.


If you are not able to convert your enemies as your friends, then make them beneficial at least. 


They are saying ugly lies only about your every beautiful truth. That’s why I am suggesting you to run away from them immediately. Otherwise your existence which contains the fragrance of success as well will compel these jealous people to kill their conscience consequently.


Make sure to give  responsibility to your efforts only to make a Fort of success for you. Your dreams can’t make it possible at all.


Our heart beats are our real life partners. When they leave us, we lose everything. Even our lives follow them faithfully!


They are not astrologers, they are my heart beats. They know everything about me. They know every story of love, hatred, joy and pride of my past but they can’t predict anything accordingly!


Who says you are alone? You are lonely? No, I don’t think so. Your heart beats never leave you lonely. They always have something to say To YOU only. Listen carefully!